Why Galaxy One Realty

What is GOR for?

Galaxy One Realty (GOR) successfully represents owners, investors, and tenants by understanding their needs and requirements. Whether you are a single property owner or have a real estate investment portfolio, you have found the right Property Management Company.

This company is founded on of the idea of helping customers particularly House Owners / Investor owners. Over the past few years, we have personally gone through many challenges with different property management companies.

  1. Lack of transparency in the repair charges.
  2. Lack of diligent efforts by the property management to save money for the house owners.
  3. Lack of regular visits to the property to check on the property's well being including lawn maintenance etc.
  4. Oftentimes, we, the investor owners, would expect property management company to identify the right vendors who can do the repairs at a reasonable cost and save money. Many times, the quotes that were sent for approval are unreasonable and if we object the quote, then we are asked to find the vendor ourselves. Well, the truth is, if we had that much time, why would we hire a property management company in the first place?.
  5. Property managers are not even aware of some situations until the property owners get a letter from HOA.

If these challenges look familiar to you and to avoid all of those and more, consider Galaxy One Realty LLC. We can help alleviate majority, if not all, of those concerns and get you the piece of mind back. You can focus other things with a confidence that your hard earned asset is under good care.

Why GOR ?

Savings to Owner - Use Case Scenario: $1700 Savings to landlord

Situation: Air Conditioning Unit failed. Warranty Company send technician and decided that because of a fine line in their agreement, they cannot cover any thing. Owner is hit a big expense of replacing the Air Conditioning Unit.

What GOR did:
Contacted multiple vendors to do the repair
Vendor 1: Quoted $5000 on First attempt, Quoted $4000 on Second attempt after negotiation
Vendor 2: Quoted $3400

GOR went on savings mode and found out the technical details of the parts.
Just cooling unit needs to be updated and its details are

  • 3.5 ton Condensing unit, 3.5 ton evaporate coil.

After finding out the parts information, GOR tried to get quote on Parts. We checked couple of websites and finalized that the parts cost as much as $1900.

We went back to the second vendor and tried to understand why he was charging $1500 for the labor.

Vendor mentioned the various tasks:

  • 1. Removing the old parts
  • 2. Cleaning the pipes
  • 3. Fitting the new parts
  • 4. Verifying for any leaks
  • 5. Filling the system with the right amount of Freon

He understood that GOR is very detailed and agreed to reduce the labor charges by $100. Finally, GOR closed the deal with $3300 resulting $1700 savings to the owner.

Is your prop management company doing that for you? Think about it.