Irrigation System Installation Service

Welcome to Galaxy one Irrigation System Installation Service

Galaxy one offers expert Irrigation System Installation services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Dedicated to delivering efficient solutions at competitive rates, paired with exceptional service, we stay abreast of the latest industry advancements. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we uphold the highest standards in installation and materials, ensuring optimal watering and maintenance for your property's landscape.

Our Irrigation System Installation Services

We focus our installation services on 3 main areas: new installations, add-ons, and flower bed irrigation. These are the service areas our customers are most interested in when requesting an installation, and we are confident that you will be happy with the results of whichever type of installation your yard needs.

New Installations: Our team of professionals will take the time to carefully plan and design your new sprinkler system. We use our experience and expertise to determine exactly what type of irrigation is necessary for your specific landscape, as well as which products will work best for your budget.

Add-Ons: If you already have an existing irrigation system in place but need a few extra components or features, we can help! Our technicians are proficient and speedy when making any changes or additions you may want, so don’t hesitate to ask us for any add-on services you require.

Flower Bed Irrigation: Flower beds are often one of the most difficult areas to irrigate properly, but with Galaxy One on the job, you can trust that your flower beds will be watered correctly and efficiently. You never have to worry about oversaturating the soil or drowning those beautiful blooms when you go with Galaxy One!

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Types Of Irrigation Systems

There are two main types of irrigation systems: underground sprinklers and surface drip irrigation. Underground sprinkler systems are the most common type of system. They are easy for professionals like us to install and maintain, and they can be used for both small and large lawns. Surface drip irrigation involves lines being placed on the soil surface to slowly dispense water, and they are perfect for flower beds, gardens, and smaller lots.

Benefits Of Sprinkler System:

  • Easy for technicians to install
  • Easily replaceable sprinkler heads
  • Used for yards of any size
  • Full, even coverage
  • Easy-to-use timers

Benefits Of Drip Irrigation:

  • Water-efficient
  • Lowered water bills
  • Less evaporation/runoff
  • Direct watering of roots
  • Avoids overwatering

Which Sprinkler System Is Right For You?

We have the best sprinkler systems for both Lawns and Gardens! If you have a garden, a surface drip irrigation system is the best option for you. This type of system delivers water directly to the roots of plants, which helps to conserve water and ensure complete coverage.
If you have a lawn then an underground sprinkler system will suit your needs perfectly by keeping consistent watering patterns for your lawn.
Be sure to contact Galaxy One to check out your property and help you determine which system is a better choice for the needs of your landscape. With the right system in place, you can keep your lawn and garden healthy and green all year long!

What You Get With Irrigation Installation By Galaxy One

We offer our customers a full irrigation system that includes drip lines, underground sprinklers, timers, and more to give your yard the most comprehensive water coverage.
Galaxy One always uses the newest and best equipment on the market, so you know you are getting an efficient and up-to-date system when you call us!
We will show you how to operate your system to make sure each zone is properly addressed, and we even come back to your property throughout the year to adjust the watering program for the changing seasons.

  • Irrigation Installation
  • Expansion or improvements of system
  • Start-up / Shut down of system
  • Seasonal or periodic adjustment of watering program
  • Drip irrigation for beds, planters & containers
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