Furniture Assembly Services

Welcome to Galaxy one Furniture Assembly Services

Galaxy one specializes in expert Furniture Assembly services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Dedicated to delivering meticulous solutions at competitive rates, coupled with personalized service, we stay ahead of industry trends and innovations. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we uphold the highest standards in assembly precision and care, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for your furniture needs.

Furniture Assembly Services

Let’s be honest: you were never going to read that furniture assembly manual. No matter how the instructions are laid out, furniture assembly is not necessarily a user-friendly task.
Experts of Galaxy One will come to your home and assemble your furniture for you! Our experts frequently assemble beds, bunk beds, dressers, desks, couches, tables, chairs, wardrobes—you name it. You can fill your space with exactly what you want, no matter how complex the furniture is.
Experts bring their own tools so that they can help you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Galaxy One also offers furniture disassembly services, and Our experts can help you move or haul away your old furniture!

Our Furniture Assembly Service Includes...

Indoor Furniture
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Garden Toys
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Outdoor Furniture
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Exercise Equipment
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Benefit from our proven furniture assembly service

Have your flat packs assembled quickly & correctly

  • Assembling flat packs of all types and brands (IKEA, Argos, John Lewis etc.)
  • All tools and equipment provided
  • An efficient, convenient and neat service
  • Available 7 days a week, including holidays
  • Collection & delivery upon request

How our flat pack furniture assembly works

Step 1: Ensure your new flat packs are on site and provide instructions where you want them placed. Rest assured, all our furniture assemblers are well-versed with the leading brands of flat-pack furniture, including IKEA, Argos Home, B&Q, John Lewis & Partners, Habitat,, and Wayfair.
Note: We can also help you with the furniture collection and delivery upon request.

Step 2: Ensure a large enough clear area where our technicians can perform the job.
Note: Please keep in mind that wardrobes need to be assembled on the floor before being stood up against the wall.

Step 3: Depending on your request and items’ list, we will send either one or two experienced and skilled furniture fitter to help you with the assembly task.

Step 4: The team will assemble the furniture by following the assembly instructions and situate it as per your needs and guidance.

Step 5: You can use your newly-built furniture right away!
Note: They can also help you with disassembly of any existing furniture you have at your place.